Logos Dragon

Size/Type: Dragon (Psionic)
Environment: Any
Organization: Wyrmling, Very Young, Juvenile, and Young Adult; solitary or clutch (2- 5); Adult, Mature Adult, Old, Very Old, Ancient, Wyrm, or Great Wyrm; solitary, pair, or family (1-2 and 2-5 offspring)
Challenge Ratings: Wyrmling 4, Very Young 5, Young 7, Juvenile 8, Young Adult 11, Adult 14, Mature Adult 16, Old 18, Very Old 19, Ancient 21, Wyrm 23, Great Wyrm 25
Treasure: Triple Standard
Alignment: Any Lawful
Advancement: Wyrmling (7 – 8 HD), Very Young (9-11 HD), Young (12-14 HD), Juvenile (15-17 HD), Young Adult (18-20 HD), Adult (21- 23 HD), Mature Adult (24-26 HD), Old (27-29 HD), Very Old (30-32 HD), Ancient (33-35 HD), Wyrm (36 – 38 HD), Great Wyrm (39+ HD)
Level Adjustment:

This large, dark orange dragon with birdlike wings appears as if it were trying to figure something out. It swings its relatively long neck around to reveal a tiger-like scaled face, with three horns over each of its eyebrows. Numerous spines stick up around its head in a lethal looking mane. Calculating, black eyes seem to analyze everything they take in.

Logos dragons are methodical, regulated creatures who feel things should be done by the book, or not at all. Skeptical by nature, logos dragons are loath to believe most claims and eager to disprove them in argument. Fond of mental puzzles and word problems, logos dragons tend towards art that is geometric in nature and favor architecture with parallel lines and right angles. Some keep blink dogs as pets.

Slightly more canine in their anatomy than normal dragons, logos dragons are dark orange and copper in their coloration. They can hold their long necks perfectly upright, displaying the intimidating collection of spines on the frill of the neck. Like all ego dragons, the wings of a logos dragon are actually covered in feathers like a bird.


Logos dragons are cunning strategists who work best if given the chance to prepare. Their lairs often have sheer vertical drops - to give the dragon the most advantage from flight – and wide open spaces divided into rows and columns by careful, grid-like placement of pillars - all the better to maximize the effectiveness of the dragon's linear breath weapon. A logos dragon will always make good use of its mental disruption and dispel psionics powers to hinder and disable foes.

True Dragon Abilities: Logos dragons are a type of true dragon; their space, reach, natural attacks and age follow the rules put forth in the True Dragon entry in the SRD. In addition, logos dragons have frightful presence, breath weapons, damage reduction, immunities, blindsense, keen senses, skills, and feats as any other true dragon.

Power Resistance: Young Adult and older logos dragons have power resistance as indicated on the tables.

Manifesting: Juvenile and older logos dragons can manifest powers in the same way that a psion does and choose a devotion just as a psion, gaining all the benefits of the devotion class feature. Their manifester level is indicated on table 9-1, and they have power points per day and powers known as a psion of the indicated level. Logos dragons can select any power from the psion/wilder power list, the telepath list, or the seer list. A Logos dragon who advances with psion levels adds this manifester level to its psion level to determine its power points per day and powers known, and may continue to select telepath or seer list powers for its psion powers known.

Resting Mode: Psychic Subdual +4

Breath Weapon (Su): A logos dragon has two breath weapons. The first is a line of telekinetic force that deals 2d6 points of force damage per age category of the dragon (Reflex half). The second is a cone of gas that compels the subject to think in rigid, repetitive fashions. Victims who fail a Will save must repeat the actions of their previous round as if under the effects of the deja vu power for the next 1d4 rounds. This is a mind-affecting compulsion effect.

Psi-Like Abilities: At will – call to mind, conceal thoughts. 3/day – dispel psionics, mental disruption, mind trap. 1/day – telekinetic maneuver, telekinetic force, or telekinetic thrust (chosen upon manifestation each day). Manifester level equal to the dragon’s age category or its manifester level, whichever is higher. Save DCs are Intelligence-based.

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