Moderate godmind
Worshippers: nomads, xeph, elocaters
Nodes: Spatial, Time, Travel
Alignment: N
State of Consciousness: Dormant, entity
Favored Weapon: baleful teleportation

As the sands of time flow and decisions are made, a myriad of alternate decisions are possible that could impact the course of history to an extreme degree. In situations where these deviations could mean world-shattering changes, there have sometimes been those who seek to alter the fabric of time and change the course of events. At times, this can result in a rogue, detached time stream, one which has been severed from the time stream; a choice not made, a road not taken. These time streams, detached from the true flow of time, can sometimes take on a semi-sentience, endlessly seeking to rejoin the true time stream to which it once belonged.

To fulfill this prevalent need, the rogue time stream will reach out to mortals within the time stream, using the power contained within itself to bridge the gap, and allow those mortals to bend the laws of space and time in ways that might work to divert the flow of time back to the rogue time stream. Mortals, believing this interaction to be divine in nature, named these rogue time streams Kraegan, believing it to be an entity like other deities. Few realize it is countless severed time streams seeking to rejoin the primary time stream. Those few who do understand this concept keep the secret for fear of loss of adherents. While those dubbed Kraegan do not directly gain power from worshippers as deities, those who take the actions that Kraegan believes will reattach the detached time stream strengthen Kraegan, making the possibility of reality changing to match the rogue time stream, thereby fusing the two time streams, more likely.

Doctrine: Kraegan as an entity does not actively direct its followers or adherents, as it is not fully conscious. However, those who follow Kraegan believe that manipulation of time and space is something that can and should be done whenever it is needed; the laws of the four dimensions are subject to be changed as desired. This can often cause followers of Faedreth to be at odds with followers of Kraegan, as each sect has opposing views of how the time stream should be managed. No conflicts are known to exist between the two groups.

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