Kessen D Artael

Kessen (NG human cleric [No deity, Healing/Knowledge] 3/society mind 5) is a doctor and teacher of medicine in a mid-sized rural town of your campaign. A tall fellow with short blond hair, he walks with a limp and appears weaker than he should be, as the victim of an undead attack during his formative years, but maintains an air of dignity and respect for other beings.

A member of the Cosmic Echoes for reasons of his own, he continues to heal and teach others to heal. If he considers the PCs good people, he will serve as a contact point for other members. Regardless of his outlook on the PCs morals or ethics, however, he is a doctor first and foremost, and will heal them as best he can, frequently asking nothing more than information or the occasional favor in return. Unlike most society minds, he isn’t likely to travel – he appreciates his community too much, and his disability makes traveling difficult in the best of times.

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