Moderate godmind
Worshippers: psionic fists, soul knives, versatile blades, xeph
Nodes: Battle, Psionic
Alignment: N
State of Consciousness: Active, entity
Favored Weapon: mind blade

Twin brothers in life, Jereth and Derivan opposed each other on principle on virtually every matter, except the inclination to wield the trademark weapon of the soulknife: the mind blade. Both brothers quickly excelled in use of the mind blade in combat, often trading blows with each other when arguments escalated. So opposing were the mindsets of the two brothers that eventually, when war broke out, Jereth joined the local militia to back the legal government while also working to eliminate rivals in the chain of command, Derivan instead joined the rebels, seeking to usurp the corrupt government currently in power. Such activities were common for the brothers throughout their lives. Both learned true mastery of the mind blade and the path of the soulknife, yet fundamentally they were polar opposites.

As the siblings grew in power, motivated by the fear of and desire to overcome the other, they eventually both began upon the path to becoming a greater entity; one of the godminds. Each brother took offense at the other’s presumption and epic battles between the two ensued while seeking to complete the path to becoming a deity. At the climax of their ascensions, Derivan and Jereth fought at the Well of Souls, seeking to harness the power imbued in the site to catapult to divine existence. While fighting, their mind blades colliding again and again, each brother realized that their blade was becoming firmer, more solid in shape and form, seemingly drawing in the energy from the Well of Souls to use in the conflict. When the brothers’ dueling brought the blades closer to the Well of Souls, the blades would begin to vibrate and radiate light, as if to warn their wielder of some threat. Eventually, the blades sprang forth from both brothers’ hands and collided with each other, merging into a single blade of psionic energy.

The pair of brothers, shocked by the event, paused to watch the fused mind blade grow brighter and brighter, radiating so much energy that they were forced to retreat from the Well or risk destruction. When the light faded, all trace of the blades was gone, although each brother felt the presence of his mind blade in a spiritual connection. Scholars believe that the energy permeating the Well of Souls combined with the energy released during the battle between Jereth and Derivan infused the two mind blades, turning them into more powerful and, eventually, sentient beings. The act of the blades abandoning their masters is believed to be the essence of the mind blades rebelling against the eminent destruction of a powerful practitioner of the arts of the soulknife. Taking the knowledge of their years of use at the hands of Jereth and Derivan, the two blades combined and took on a persona that fluctuates between what each brother believed to be the best use of the mind blade, labeling itself Javan. The double-nature of Javan tends to make its actions as a godmind unpredictable, although as one half of the greater consciousness takes control, there is a tendency to counter the actions of the other, thereby maintaining a balance.

Doctrine: Live and die by the mind blade is the mantra of followers of Javan. Worshippers of Javan are expected to be able to manifest and wield a mind blade or be actively working to learn the techniques required to manifest a mind blade. Devotees to this dual-personality godmind are expected to wield their mind blade as their weapon in all combat unless something unilaterally prevents this, such as a null psionics field. Purposefully wielding another weapon instead of a mind blade when a mind blade is available cuts a worshipper off from the benefits of worshipping Javan.

As Javan has something of a dual nature, being intelligent weapons from two very diametrically opposed wielders, it is not uncommon to find evil and good beings among his followers. The greater consciousness accepts all followers, so long as they accept the superiority of the mind blade over other weapons.

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