Janice Duhatte

Janice DuHatte (Human Fighter 2 / Formbound Surger 12):
Janice started out her life as a simple sword wielding fighter. When she met Dah, her Maenad mentor, she was taught the ways of the formbound. After mastering her first power, Bite of the Wolf, she was sold on the ways of the formbound. Several years after she became a Soloist Transbound, Dah was killed while defending his home. Janice took control over his home and has sought to avenge her former mentor ever since. The drive to find out the identity of the villain has helped her rise to the position of Triadist. She is a master of altering her shape, but she uses the ability as much for espionage as she does for combat. While typically underpowered for her position, her drive has allowed her to fend off stronger challengers. Most expect that in a few years she will be poised for a long run as Archshaper.

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