Insight Node

Granted Power: Once per day, you may reroll any die roll, as your developed insight grants you supernatural foresight. You must take the result of the second die roll, even if it is worse.

  1. Circumstance ShieldA: You gain a +2 insight bonus on Reflex saves.
  2. Precognition: Gain +2 insight bonus to one roll.
  3. Danger SenseA: You gain +4 bonus against traps.
  4. ForesightA: You gain special abilities with your insight-based powers.
  5. Second ChanceX: Gain a reroll.
  6. Precognition, Greater: Gain +4 insight bonus to one roll.
  7. Moment of Prescience, Psionic: You gain insight bonus on single attack roll, check, or save.
  8. Fate of One: Reroll any roll you just failed.
  9. Hypercognition: You can deduce almost anything.
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