Incantations Overview and Descriptions

The uncanny power to channel magic springs from either devotion, discipline, or ancestral affinity, and the magic from the sphere from which the channeler draws his incantations. These incantations are somewhat like spells, in that they are a one-time magical effect, and that they draw from mystical energies, but that’s where the similarities end. Put shortly, channelers draw their mystical energy directly from their spheres, whereas spellcasters mold this energy to cast their spells. Despite this fundamental difference, incantations can rival spells with their wholesome mystical energies. The typical spellcaster might be able to draw amazing amounts of mystical energy into a spell, but a channeler believes that mastering the mystical energy of their sphere requires self-discipline and devotion, in addition to being able to channeling the correct energies.

Incantations Overview

This section covers all the basic guidelines and rules for using the incantation system described in this book. Think of this material as analogous to that in Chapter 10 of the Player’s Handbook . It covers the basics of incantations and presents information on how the incantation system interacts with other game elements, such as spell resistance.

Incantations Descriptions

Each of the spheres is composed of a number of specific incantations. Much like a sorcerer’s spells, each incantation is a specific ability that a character might know. But while a sorcerer’s spells manipulate mystical energies in a way that can only be done a certain number of times per day, a channeler draws his magic directly from its sphere, giving him the ability to draw that magic an indefinite number of times per day as long as he doesn’t overload his pool of magic or tire his soul before it gets a chance to rest and recover.

The tables below provides a summary of the incantations that are described in this chapter and are organized into a list. These lists are organized by sphere in alphabetical order, and each sphere lists its respective incantations ordered alphabetically.
The DC listing in the table refers to the incantation’s unenhanced DC.

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