Improved Power by Proxy [Metapsionic]

You gain insight into the mental bonds between targets, and your powers more easily ride these links to their final goal.

Prerequisite: Power by Proxy

Benefit: As Power by Proxy, except the effect of the power may follow a chain of independent mental bonds to its final target. Only the final target is affected; the proxies are unharmed. You do not need to know the specific identity of any creature within the chain of links except for your final target.

This feat also provides feedback just before you manifest the power. You learn if a chain of independent links between the subject and your intended target exists and may choose to change the target of your power if no such chain exists (although the power points spent to use this feat are still spent, reducing how many points you could spend on the power as normal). You don't learn the identity of any other creature in the chain, nor do you learn the number or nature of the links between you and the target.

Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 4. The power's total cannot exceed your manifester level.

Unlocks: Web of Influence (1/2)

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