Impression Crystals

Impression crystals are modified cognizance crystals which can store additional imprints for use with [Formbound] effects.

Physical Description: An impression crystal consists of a core crystal and one or two smaller crystals positioned around it on strands of steel wire. Once an impression crystal contains a form, it gives off a faint glow. A typical impression crystal has the same physical statistics as a cognizance crystal.

Activation: The user must merely hold or have an impression crystal on her person for a period of at least 10 minutes (which is long enough to attune herself to the crystal). After she is attuned to the crystal, she can use it during any [Formbound] effect to generate a temporary imprint of any form it stores, much like she would from touching another creature, and following all the same rules. If her form changes as a result of the effect, the impression crystal which provided that imprint is automatically absorbed into the new form, and returns to her hand when she returns to her normal form. You cannot generate a permanent imprint from an impression crystal, although it may be used to generate a temporary imprint any number of times.

The maximum number of forms an impression crystal can store is set during creation; it can never hold more imprinted forms than this limit. An attuned wielder knows how many forms remain to be imprinted. When an impression crystal contains no forms, the glow of the crystal dies until new forms are imprinted. To add an imprint to an impression crystal, you must hold the crystal and release a form you have imprinted, thereby passing the form into the impression crystal (and losing access to it yourself except through the crystal). You may flush any number of forms from an impression crystal to make room for new forms as a standard action. An attuned owner can identify a form stored in an impression crystal with a Psicraft check (DC 10 + the form’s HD), similar to identifying a power in a power stone.

Construction: The market price of impression crystals with no forms stored within is 2000 gp times the maximum number of forms the crystal will hold (so an impression crystal holding 5 forms costs 10,000 gp). Costs for crystals containing forms vary greatly based upon the particular form or forms in question, and prices must be negotiated individually (if such a crystal is even available for sale). Spellcasters make frequent use of these stones, and may have also discovered their own ways of making them.

Faint to strong psychokinesis; ML equal to maximum number of forms; Craft Cognizance Crystal; Price: see above Weight 1 lb.

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