Minor godmind
Worshippers: duergar, telepaths, thrallherds
Nodes: Mind, Psionic
Alignment: CE
State of Consciousness: Active, persistent worldthought network
Favored Weapon: Compulsion effects

Experiments with psionics have taken place since the discovery of the psionic powers eons ago. Among these experiments have been the miraculous and the disastrous, the misguided and the truly genius. One such experiment was embarked upon by the society mind Hourth, who believed that it was possible to completely subjugate an entire population and use their energy to fuel his own power, spring boarding him to the level of godmind. Over years of planning and careful selection, Hourth found his network of subjects and began discreetly subjugating them using powers of compulsion. As his power grew and his number of subjects increased, Hourth discovered that his worldthought network ability was becoming difficult to manage, something he had never encountered before despite swelling the ranks within it countless times. Eventually, Hourth grew tired of the experiment, as even with thousands of forced vassals, his power was not advancing enough to become a godmind. Disgusted, Hourth left his experiment in search of new ways to gain the power he desired.

An odd thing happened after Hourth’s departure: the worldthought network and the compulsion the subjects felt did not dissipate, even with his absence. In fact, it seemed that some entity was claiming Hourth’s control over the network, although to those within it, it simply appeared as if Hourth was continuing to act as their leader. Somehow, due to the nature of Hourth’s experiment, the power he had intended to siphon for himself infused his worldthought network, twisting it and giving it a sentience of its own.

Now sentient, the worldthought network that has taken the guise of Hourth is constantly in search of new individuals to bring within its sphere of influence. It is believed that those who worship or follow Hourth are within the worldthought network that is the godmind and following the compulsions that the godmind puts forth.

Doctrine: In working in the name of Hourth, followers are expected to use powers of persuasion and compulsion when their desires are thwarted. In the face of opposition, it is not enough to eliminate an opponent, that enemy or obstacle should be turned into an ally, even if it means utter domination of their mind.

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