Foreward to DSP's d20 SRD

Welcome the the d20 SRD (System Reference Document) for authorized Dreamscarred Press' products. This online resource is being developed with permission from the owners of Dreamscarred Press and with their continued support and encouragement. For more information on Dreamscarred Press, web viewers are invited to go to the DSP website. There is a forum available there where you can access many of the authors who have written products for DSP as well as the owners of DSP themselves. They are very accessible, so if you want to simply stop by, say hi, or even ask a question about their products - go ahead! Furthermore, for those who enjoy using the material found here on this online SRD you can visit their online pdf store as well as their print-on-demand amazon affiliated store.

This SRD is intended to be used in conjunction with the d20 SRD. A copy of this document can be found online at the Hypertext d20 SRD. A copy of the OGL license allowing any original d20 SRD material to be reprinted can be found here. This license can also be found using the link within the navigation menu at any page within this SRD. References to Rajrin and other specific product intentity (PI) found within the works of Dreamscarred Press is used with specific written permission from the owners of the content.

Table of Contents

There are minor adjustments being made to the format and links of the pages within this site, but the general framework of the site should remain constant.

  1. Introduction - Using these rules, Hyperconcious, Discipline vs. Devotion, Rules Replacements, and An Island of Dreams
  2. Classes - Base Classes, Racial Substitution Levels, Paragon Classes, and Prestige Classes
  3. Epic Rules - Epic Class Progressions and Epic Feats
  4. Feats - General, Item Creation, Mantra, Metapsionic, Psionic, and Racial Feats
  5. Items - Crystalics, Focus Crystals, Impression Crystals, Mind Stones, Psicrowns, Universal Items, Special Materials
  6. Monsters - Psionic based Monsters
  7. Organizations and Godminds - Organizations, Places of Contemplation, and Godminds
  8. Powers - Descriptors, Subdiscipline, Power Lists, and Power Descriptions
  9. Psicrystals - Regular Psicrystals and Alternate Psicrystals
  10. Variant Rules - Includes alternate magic systems, rule alterations for the psionics system, and the Complete Control products.

Open Game License

This site is developed and maintained by John Fraser, one of DSP's freelance authors, and J. Rudd. John can be contacted easily at the DSP forums (he goes by the handle Nonlethal_Force) in any of the various forums as well as through Private Messages at the DSP forums for registered users. We hope that you enjoy the site!

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