Heightened Dorje [Psionic]

With your psionic expertise, you can coax better results from a dorje than normal.

Prerequisite: Craft Dorje, Use Psionic Device 1 rank

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. When you do so in conjunction with using a charge normally, you increase the dorje’s manifester level by 1.

For example, if you use a dorje of energy ray (built at manifester level 3rd) and increase it to manifester level 4th, you deal 4d6 points of energy damage instead of 3d6, and you make power penetration checks at level 4 instead of level 3.

Special: This feat allows you to bypass the normal limit that says that the manifester level of a dorje cannot be more than five higher than the minimum manifester level to use the power it contains.

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