Headband Of The Great Village

This simple leather headband is adorned with markings depicting hundreds of people holding hands. This headband allows the wearer to mindlink herself with one or more willing creatures within 30 ft. as a standard action. The mindlink persists as long as the wearer concentrates and can be used at will, although the maximum number of creatures the wearer can be linked to is limited by the strength of the band. More powerful versions of this headband allow you to connect to more creatures.

If worn by a creature with the worldthought network class feature, the wearer may also connect this same number of additional creatures in their network, beyond their normal limit.

Faint telepathy; ML 12th, Craft Universal Item; worldthought network class feature; 3,000 gp (1 creature), 12,000 gp (2 creatures), 27,000 gp (3 creatures), Weight ½ lb.

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