The harmonizer is an adaptation of the thrallherd. Instead of sending out a psychic call for servants, you instead establish a longer-range, but limited, form of a society mind’s worldthought network. The thralls and believers do not represent people who are willing to serve you, but rather reflect those with mindsets the most like yours, and as such the most likely to understand what each other is thinking. Many of these followers are actually also connected to the Cosmic Echoes in some way, shape, or form.

Organizational Requirement: Membership in Cosmic Echoes for at least one month.

Code of Conduct: As a harmonizer, you cannot directly interfere with the development of history: if your name would go down in the history books as a major player in a particular event, you must stay in the area and manipulate events or memories until this is no longer the case. (The Gather Information and Knowledge: Local skills can be invaluable in determining the “word on the street” that will eventually become history.) It is permissible to actively interfere by proxy, and to be present when events take place, just so long as it isn’t evident to observers that you are pulling the strings. Most harmonizers don’t even engage in such active manipulation, opting instead to give advice and guidance, or by devoting the resources of their supporters to a particular cause.

NOTE: Events prior to your harmonizer training aren’t held against you when determining your candidacy for this class; many famous leaders who ‘faded from history’ or ‘withdrew to obscurity’ were in fact harmonizers who opted to hide their later influence.

Most harmonizers are society minds and telepaths. To take a level of harmonizer, you must meet the organizational requirement as well as all the requirements for the thrallherd class (Diplomacy 4 ranks, Knowledge [Psionics] 8 ranks, Inquisitor feat, manifester level 5, able to manifest mindlink), and be about to take your 1st, 5th, 7th, or 9th level in thrallherd. Unlike most other organizational specialties, harmonizers must take the first level of this class to take any of the later specialties (after that, you are free to choose between the normal and specialty levels; most harmonizers select all of them). Harmonizers are identical to thrallherds except as follows:

  • Class Skills: Add Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), and Speak Language to the thrallherd class skills.
  • Harmony (Ex), Second Harmonic (Su): Harmonizers gain the Thrallherd ability at first level, except they refer to things differently due to their different outlook. Rather than sending out a call for servants, a harmonizer calls to those who share his outlook, and those who are of like mind and heart answer the call of their own free will. The Thrallherd ability is renamed to Harmony. Thralls and believers are respectively known as agents and supporters, and unlike normal thralls and believers, every agent and supporter must be psionic. Most have the Wild Talent feat or are members of naturally psionic races, but others are augurs or more powerful psionic classes. Many share some connection to the Cosmic Echoes, although this isn’t a requirement (and in fact, several prominent members began as supporters of a harmonizer). Harmonizers also rename Twofold Master to Second Harmonic at 10th level, but the ability Is unchanged.
  • Worldthought Network (Su): Levels in harmonizer stack with levels in society mind for all purposes relating to a worldthought network. If the harmonizer is not a society mind, he gains the ability to establish a worldthought network with others, exactly like a society mind of his class level. This only applies to the worldthought network itself (including range and number of members), not to any class features that operate through it (such as spirit of many or [[[Society Mind#NS network sense]]]), although those abilities continue to function as normal if the harmonizer possesses them.
  • Metaconcert (Ex): Harmonizers of 5th level do not learn psionic dominate, but instead learn metaconcert Once per day, they may reduce the cost of metaconcert as a thrallherd reduces the cost of psionic dominate.
  • Synchronizer (Ex): Instead of gaining a free augment of psionic dominate, a harmonizer of 7th level learns to manifest metaconcert using his worldthought network as a focus. He adds the following augment to metaconcert:
    • If you spend 4 additional power points, this power does not emit an emanation as normal. Instead, you can add any willing, psionic member of your worldthought network to the metaconcert as if they were in the power’s normal area, even if there is more than 20 ft. between you, up to the maximum number of members metaconcert can support. Metaconcert manifest this way does not interfere with members’ move actions; they can move and act normally without risk of dropping out of the metanetwork. They may elect to leave the metaconcert via mental signal; you cannot stop them from leaving if they decide to. If the harmonizer is incapable of manifesting metaconcert (for instance, if he took the standard 5th level of thrallherd instead of the organizational specialty level), this ability provides no benefit until he is able to maniefest it.
  • Resonant Connection (Su): Instead of gaining a free augment of psionic dominate, a harmonizer of 9th level learns to draw upon his harmonic network as a source of psychic power. To use this ability, he must expend his psionic focus. When a harmonizer manifests a psionic power, he may draw upon the power point reserve of a willing agent, supporter, or member of his worldthought network that he has line of effect to, effectively using them as a cognizance crystal. He may not entirely deplete any single source of power points this way – such a creature must be left with at least one power point remaining after the resonant connection.

Ex-Harmonizers: Harmonizers that violate their code of conduct lose access to all of their advanced class features except their Harmony and Second Harmonic abilities, although his effective Leadership score is reduced by half. The only way to regain his lost abilities is to rejoin the Cosmic Echoes (if necessary) and work to restore his historical anonymity – not even an atonement spell can restore his abilities.

GM Note: It shouldn’t be impossible to recover these abilities, although it should take effort – perhaps even ‘sitting out’ during an upcoming adventure while the harmonizer erases his reputation behind the scenes.

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