Harmonic Resonance [Psionic]

You can attune your mind to the subtle inner workings of other psionic beings, and gain a more intimate knowledge of their powers.

Prerequisites: Worldthought network, Psicraft 6 ranks

Benefit: To use this feat, you must have an active worldthought network when you choose your society mind powers known for the day. Choose a number of powers equal to your wisdom modifier that members of your worldthought network know. If you are psionically focused, you may treat those powers as if they were on your power list for the purposes of manifesting another's powers known. You may change these powers as often as you change your powers known.

Special: The nature of this connection requires constant focus. If you expend your focus during the manifestation (for instance, to add a metapsonic feat to a borrowed power), the manifestation fails. If you have the Psicrystal Containment feat, you can expend your crystal's focus and maintain your own, and the manifestation will not fail in this way.

Normal: If you try to manifest a power that is not on your power list from another's powers known, the attempt automatically fails.

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