Half Giant Soulknife

While many soulknives focus on finesse and agility, the half-giant soulknife relies on his brute strength to subdue his enemies. Turning psionic potential into a weapon always at the ready, a half-giant who takes up the mantle of the soulknife is never without a weapon, something that any other half-giant would envy.


To take a half-giant soulknife racial specialty level, a character must be a half-giant about to take his 1st, 3rd, or 6th level of soulknife.


Hit Die: d12

Class Skills:

Half-giant soulknife racial specialty levels have the classskills of the standard souknife class, plus Intimidate. Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier. Skill Points at 1st Level (4 + Int modifier) x4.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the half-giant soulknife racial specialty levels.

Mind Blade: As a standard soulknife, but a half-giant soulknife may create and wield a mind blade one size category larger than normal without penalty due to his powerful build natural ability. If the half-giant soulknife creates the mind blade in a larger shortsword form, it is still treated as a light weapon.

Stand Still: At 1st level, a half-giant soulknife gains the Stand Still feat (see the Expanded Psionics Handbook) as a bonus feat. This racial specialty feature replaces the standard soulknife’s Wild Talent feat. Since half-giants are naturally psionic, they do not need Wild Talent to create their mind blades.

Weapon Focus: As the Soulknife class ability

Overpowering Strike (Su): At 3rd level, a half-giant soulknife may focus his strength into an attack to subdue his foe. As a move action, the half-giant soulknife imbues his mind blade with overpowering psychic energy. The next successful attack the half-giant soulknife makes causes the target to make a Reflex saving throw (DC of 10 + damage dealt), or be knocked prone. After delivering an overpowering strike, a half-giant soulknife must imbue his mind blade again to deliver another. At 7th level, a halfgiant psychic warrior may choose to charge his mind blade with both an overpowering strike and a psychic strike as the same move action. This racial specialty level replaces the psychic strike ability gained at 3rd level by a standard soulknife. The half-giant soulknife instead gains psychic strike +1d8 at 7th level and increases are +1d8 lower than indicated (+2d8 at 11th level, etc.).

Roots of Strength (Ex): Using his larger frame to great use in battle, a half-giant soulknife can simultaneously adopt a disruptive (if immobile) battle stance and enlarge his mind blade, allowing him to attack and defend a larger area. At 6th level, if a half-giant soulknife occupies the same space for at least one full round, his reach increases by 5 ft. This effect ends if he leaves his current space. This racial specialty feature replaces the standard soulknife’s Speed of Thought feat.

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