Formbinding Pool [Psionic]

Your mind has become so accustomed to manifesting the assume form power that it can sometimes do so without any additional effort.

Prerequisite: Formbinder, Manifester level 5, ability to manifest assume form.

Benefit: You immediately gain a bonus pool of power points that is equal to the highest manifester level from a class that gives you access to the assume form power. These power points can only be used to manifest the assume form power with any augments you see fit. These points can be split into as many manifestations as desired.

Additionally, these points can be used in conjunction with points from your regular pool(s) of power points so long as the mixing is used for the assume form power alone. This is an exception to the rule stating that power points from different pools cannot be mixed. If the manifester level used to determine the size of the formbinding pool increases after you take this feat, the pool increases to match the new manifester level. Characters who gain access to the assume form power through the Expanded Knowledge feat gain a pool equal to the size of their highest manifester level.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times, gaining the same benefit each time. Multiple feats do not make multiple bonus pools. Instead the bonus power points combine into a single pool.

Normal: Characters typically do not have separate pools of power points.

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