Form Sensor [Mantra, Psionic]

You are highly attuned to creatures around you in the same form as you, including your base form.

Prerequisite: Formbinder, ability to manifest assume form, Manifester level 5

Benefit: You must meditate to gain your psionic focus to benefit from this feat. This effect lasts for up to 1 minute so long as you maintain your psionic focus. As long as your focus is maintained, you know the hit point totals of all creatures in your specific form as well as any psionic maladies or conditions by which they are affected. This effect has a radius of close (25 ft + 5ft/2 character levels). If you expend your psionic focus, you grant a special healing to any one ally within range of the effect who is in the same form as you. The target of this special healing effect has their hit point total immediately increased to half of their maximum hit point total (rounded down). A single target can only benefit from this effect once per day, although this special effect can be used multiple times per day so long as the target is different for each use.

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