Form Healing [Psionic]

Your body becomes adept at healing as your form shifts.

Prerequisite: Formbinder, ability to manifest assume form, Heal 8 ranks.

Benefit: You gain fast healing 1 every time you manifest the assume form power for a number of rounds equal to 1 + the ability modifier for the manifesting class that grants you access to the assume form power. If you dismiss your altered form before this time period ends, the fast healing effect ends as well.

Special: You may take this feat up to five times. Each time you take this feat your fast healing increases by 1. Thus, taking this feat twice gives you fast healing 2, taking it three times gives you fast healing 3, etc. Additionally, each time this feat is taken the Heal skill prerequisite rises by three. Thus, the second time this feat is taken the prerequisite is 11 ranks, the third time is 14 ranks, etc.

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