Force Node

Granted Power: You may manifest force screen as a psi-like ability once per day. Your manifester level is your total number of psionic class levels (minimum 1).

  1. Inertial ArmorA: Tangible field of force provides you with +4 armor bonus to AC.
  2. Concussion BlastA: Deal 1d6 force damage to target.
  3. Concussive OnslaughtA: Area you specify is continuously pummeled by concussive blasts.
  4. Telekinetic ManeuverA: Telekinetically bull rush, disarm, grapple, or trip your target.
  5. Control BodyA: Take rudimentary control of your foe’s limbs.
  6. Deflecting GlobeA: Cloak yourself in force, protecting you from all attacks.
  7. Wall of Force, Psionic: You create a wall immune to damage.
  8. Earthquake, psionic: Use telekinetic force to shake the ground, knocking your enemies off their feet.
  9. Telekinetic Sphere, Psionic: Mobile force globe encapsulates creature and moves it.
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