Focused Dreamer [Psionic]

Your dreaming mind can hold a focus.

Prerequisites: Psionic Meditation, ability to dream (elves and elans automatically fail this requirement)

Benefit: If you fall asleep with at least one power point remaining, your subconscious mind automatically attempts to gain psionic focus by taking 20 on the Concentration check.

Your dreaming mind is considered psionically focused after this, and you gain any benefit of being psionically focused for as long as you remain asleep. You are also no longer automatically considered willing foir powers or spells while asleep, and may attempt saving throws normally if you choose.

Upon waking, this focus persists for one round before fading. most focused dreamers expend it to take 15 on the Concentration check to refocus themselves.

Normal: You cannot be psionically focused while asleep. Unconscious targets are automatically considered willing targets for the purposes of spells or powers.

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