Ferroplasmic Skin

A ferroplasmic skin is, essentially, a psychoactive skin formed of an alloy of ectoplasm and ferroplasm. It follows all the general guidelines for psychoactive skins, although unlike most psychoactive skins the wearer must be psionic to gain access to its benefits. Like armor made of ferroplasm, a ferroplasmic skin hardens when surrounded by psychic energy. The wearer of a ferroplasmic skin is considered to be wearing light armor for the purposes of class features, and can channel power points into the skin and benefit as if it were light armor (although the skin can be worn with normal armor, which encumbers you as normal).

Additionally, while the wearer is psionically focused, he may will the ferroplasmic skin to shape part of itself into the form of any weapon he could proficiently wield in one hand. Treat this in all regards as a mundane ferroplasmic weapon (including the ability to channel power points into it) that is under the effect of a graft weapon power. The weapon lasts until the wearer wishes it, although only one such weapon can be in effect at any given time. If this weapon is destroyed, the wearer does not lose Constitution, although the skin must be repaired before it can function again.

While the wearer is capable of forming a mind blade, the weaponry generated by a ferroplasmic skin can benefit from any feat or class feature the wearer possesses that can only be used with a mind blade (including charging it with psychic strikes), except that it cannot be thrown or used in a bladewind. The weapon in this case has the same enhancement bonus and special ability configuration as the wearer’s mind blade, if any.

Strong psychometabolism; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item, call weaponry, graft weapon; Price 30,000 gp, weight —

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