This slightly purplish metal is found in the ethereal plane and is only effective when held by one with psionic power. Any creature with the psionic subtype can wield ferroplasm, but when held by a non-psionic creature, the item crafted of this metal becomes non-functional. Weapons crafted of it lose their edge or become rubbery; armor becomes spongy, granting no armor bonus; and similar effects for other items.

When held by a psionic creature, an item crafted of ferroplasm radiates a soft violet light, effectively illuminating as a candle. This effect can be suppressed if the wielder so chooses. If brought into an area where psionics power is suppressed, such as a null psionic field, an item crafted of ferroplasm assumes its non-functional state as if held by a non-psionic creature.

A psionic creature may also temporarily render ferroplasm as hard as adamantine by subjecting it to a powerful jolt of psychic energy. This has differing effects depending on whether the item is a weapon or a suit of armor, and varies depending on the quantity of ferroplasm used. When a psionic creature focuses his psionic power into a suit of armor or shield made of ferroplasm, it increases the protection afforded from the item. As a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, the wearer can channel psionic power into the armor or shield created of ferroplasm: by expending 1 power point, the armor or shield grants damage reduction based upon the amount of ferroplasm in the protective device. Weapons fashioned of ferroplasm can be similarly hardened by psionic power to increase their effectiveness. Depending on the amount of ferroplasm used in the weapon’s creation, it confers a bonus to damage which stacks with all other bonuses (similar to the Psionic Weapon feat) and ignores hardness less than 20 if used to attack an object. A double weapon has both heads hardened simultaneously at no additional cost to the wielder. The effect of charging a weapon, armor or shield last until the wielder’s next turn. When hardened, the illumination provided by a ferroplasmic item increases to that granted from a torch. Weapons or armor fashioned from ferroplasm are treated as masterwork items for the raw item cost and creation time.

Ferroplasm has hardness 10 and 20 hit points per inch of thickness when held by a psionic creature, and a hardness of 5 and 10 hit points per inch of thickness when in a nonfunctional state. While hardened, it has hardness 20 and 40 hit points per inch of thickness. Only items made mostly out of metal can be made out of ferroplasm.

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