Moderate godmind
Worshippers: seers, trackers, fortune-tellers
Nodes: Extrasensory, Insight, Protection
Alignment: LN
State of Consciousness: Active, entity
Favored Weapon: Reality disjunction

Outside the flow of the time stream there exist entities, creatures that are so alien to standard sentient life that comprehending the nature of their existence is virtually impossible for typical creatures within the time stream. The selfcorrecting nature of the time stream, when faced with interference by those who would manipulate it for their own ends, has shown that something exerts a force upon the time stream itself, blocking these attempts to deviate the flow of time from what has already occurred. That force is this race of beings, which mortals within the time stream have labeled Faedreth, believing it to be a singular entity.

The nature of the Faedreth is such that their primary concern is maintaining the stability of the time stream, not caring for the dominance of good or evil within that stream itself. To this end, they can and do allow mortals within the time stream access to insight and knowledge those mortals would not normally have. The choice of which mortals have this insight is not a matter of superior moral standards, but simply based upon which decision would be best for the time stream and the
stability therein.

The Faedreth preserve the time stream for the past, the present and the future, guarding against those who would seek to corrupt the flow of time. While the Faedreth are by their very nature opposed to time travel of any sort, so long as the time stream is not severely impacted, it is not an act that gains their wrath or backlash.

Supporters of Faedreth understand the need to preserve the time stream, although they typically do not understand the nature of Faedreth itself, believing them to be a singular being instead of an all-powerful godmind. Indeed, some of these followers believe that Faedreth even encourages his adherents to look into the future to see the myriad possibilities and move toward what they believe to be the most stable path.

Doctrine: The path of Faedreth tends to be a lonely one. Having the knowledge granted by clairsentience typically means there are no secrets, so the skeletons normally left in the closet are exposed to the eyes of one of his flock. Additionally, the flow of time is to be respected and not to be abused. Using insight gleaned from clairsentient abilities is acceptable, so long as intense deviations are not created.

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