Extrasensory Node

Granted Power: Three times per day, you can gain a +1 insight bonus to any saving throw, as your heightened senses allow you to detect dangerous situations.

  1. EmpathyA: You know the subject’s surface emotions.
  2. Detect Hostile IntentA: You can detect hostile creatures within 30 ft. of you.
  3. Idle Vigilance: Detect when psionic abilities are used nearby.
  4. Nature’s Vigil: Locate creatures that enter your protected area.
  5. Danger Sense: Gain +4 bonus against traps.
  6. Cloud Mind, Mass: Erase knowledge of your presence from the minds of one creature/level.
  7. Remote View Trap: Deal 8d6 points electricity damage to those who seek to view you at a distance.
  8. Sequester, PsionicX: Subject invisible to sight and remote viewing; renders subject comatose.
  9. MetafacultyX: You learn details about any one creature.
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