Epic Society Mind

The epic society mind manages even more powerful manipulations of the networks of thoughts between conscious minds, coordinating the actions of many wills at once.

Game Rule Information

Hit Die: d6.

Skill Points at each additional level: 4 + Int modifier.

Manifesting: The epic society mind’s manifester level continues to improve at each level, but his base power points do not increase after 20th level. The epic society mind does not gain additional powers known after 20th level except through the use of epic feats. The epic society mind treats powers learned through the Epic Expanded Knowledge feat exactly the same as powers learned through Expanded Knowledge.

Worldthought Network: The epic society mind may connect one additional creature into his worldthought network per class level above 20th (21 creatures at 21st level, and so on). The range of his network does not increase beyond 19th level.

Soulbinding Gaze: The range, DC, and number of simultaneous targets of this ability continue to increase at their previous rates.

Network Sense: The bonus from this ability continues to increase by +1 per five class levels (+5 at 25th level, +6 at 30th and so on).

Bonus Feats: The epic society mind gains a bonus feat at 23rd level, and every three levels higher than that (26th, 29th, and so on).

Epic Society Minds and Power Knowledge: The society mind’s powers known increase as normal, and he is able to
swap these powers with the other powers on his list. This is an exception to the general rule of Expanded Knowledge-
type effects.

Example: Jaieth is now 21st level and selects Power Knowledge as his epic feat. He gains knowledge of two additional society mind powers, putting his powers known to 13 instead of 11. He may now select up to 13 powers known when he rotates his powers for the day.

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