Epic Meditations [Epic, Psionic]

The subconscious routines taught as mantras are second-nature to you, and you can maintain your focus on more than you could before.

Prerequisite: Character level 21st, Concentration 27 ranks, Psionic Meditation, Master of Mantras, any three mantra feats.

Benefit: You may simultaneously activate and maintain one more mantra than you could before. The Concentration check DC increases by 5 per mantra, plus the combined amount of all the mantras you intend to activate. Activating more than one mantra is always a full-round action (exception: knight meditants may activate two mantras at once at accelerated rates). Epic Meditations stacks fully with the knight meditant’s threefold master class feature.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times. Each time you do, you may activate and maintain one additional
mantra simultaneously

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