Epic Devoted Psion

None can understand the true potential of a psionic discipline as the epic devoted psion does. Normal psions envy his authority over his chosen domain of the mind.


Hit Die: d4

Skill points at each additional level: 2 + Int modifier.

Manifesting: The devoted psion’s manifester level continues to improve at each level, but his base power points per day do not increase after 20th level. With every level, a devoted psion learns two new powers of any level or levels that he is capable of manifesting. He is still limited to knowing fewer powers of any other discipline than his selected discipline, and still may not learn powers off of devotion lists other than his own from Expanded Knowledge and similar effects.

Bonus Feats: The devoted psion gains a bonus feat at 23rd level and every 3 levels higher than that (26th, 29th, and so on).

Discipline Expertise: The devoted psion’s discipline expertise continues to improve. At 30th level and every 10 levels higher than that (40th, 50th and so on), the DC of powers he manifests from his chosen discipline improve by an additional +1, and he pays one fewer power point than before for them (+3 DC, -3 power points at 30th level, +4 DC, -4 power points at 40th, and so on).

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