Epic Connections [Epic]

Your connection to the greater networks of thought is so strong, it allows you to operate through other followers of
the society mind path.

Prerequisites: Character level 21st, efficient network, Improved Network, ability to manifest metaconcert.

Benefit: If you and another society mind both possess this feat and are connected in each other’s worldthought networks, your cooperative healing, telepathy, and network sense class features affect the members of the
other society mind’s network as if they were members of your network.

Furthermore, if you succeed at a Psicraft check, you may manifest a power through the other society mind’s
network, as if you were manifesting it through your own (DC 20+power level+HD of the intended target). The spirit
of many class feature does not apply to powers manifest this way.

Adaptation: If this feat is allowed in the game, GMs are encouraged to restrict its acquisition to members of
epic organizations as a sort of membership benefit. One such organization is the Cosmic Echoes (see Chapter 6:

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