Enduring Network [Epic]

Your worldthought network may persist through even the most dire circumstances.

Prerequisites: Character level 21st, worldthought network range (planar).

Benefit: Your worldthought network gains some resistance to null psionics fields and the like. Although the field still affects manifestation and other supernatural abilities (unless otherwise noted) normally, the connections themselves may persist. If you succeed on an opposed manifester level check against the manifester level of the field when any of your network’s members (including yourself) enter the field, then the connection remains intact (bypassing the normal rules about antimagic fields and supernatural abilities). You must repeat this check whenever any of your network’s members enter the field.

Additionally, if your connection to a member persists in these effects, your network sense also continues to operate normally with respect to that member (bypassing the rules on antimagic fields and supernatural abilities).

Special: Dead magic zones have no caster level. For your network to endure one, the DC is 20, though you must
make this check every round a given member is in the field, and each round the DC increases by 2.

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