Elan Monk

The elan monk may sound unusual, but as many elans have found, the meditation required to be a psion is not much different than the methods used by many monks. The ki energy a monk unlocks resembles psionic power in many ways and the elan monk learns to unify both sources of energy into a single wellspring of internal potential.


To take an elan monk racial specialty level, a character must be an elan about to take her 1st, 3rd, or 5th level of monk.


Hit Die: d8

Class Skills:

Elan monk racial specialty levels have the class skills of the standard monk class, plus Autohypnosis. Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier. Skill Points at 1st level: (4 + Int modifier) x4.

Class Features:

All of the following are class features of the elan monk racial specialty levels. Additionally, elan monks with at least one of these specialty levels can freely multiclass between monk and psion (of any devotion).

Bonus Feat: A 1st level elan monk may select either Psionic Fist or Psionic Weapon as a bonus feat. She does not need to meet the prerequisites for these feats to select them. This replaces the standard monk’s choice of bonus feats at 1st level.

Flurry of Blows: As the Monk class ability

Unarmed Strike: As the Monk class ability

Mental Resilience (Ex): An elan monk of 3rd level or higher gains a +3 bonus on saving throws against spells, powers and effects with the mind-affecting descriptor. This racial specialty feature replaces the standard monk’s still mind class feature, but still counts as still mind for the purposes of meeting requirements.

Metaphysical Strike (Su): At 7th level, an elan monk gains the Psychokinetic FistsUT feat, even if she doesn’t meet the prerequisites. She uses her Wisdom instead of her Charisma when using this feat. This racial specialty feature replaces the standard monk’s wholeness of body feature.

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