Ego Dragon

Ego dragons are breeds of true dragons that epitomize the power and prevalence of the mind. Each ego dragon represents the pinnacle of a manner of thinking, being the ultimate manifestation of a form of thought. Although their alignments may differ, they consider their philosophical approaches to reality to be their true divide, and are more likely to debate with another ego dragon than attack tooth and nail.

These debates can have far-reaching consequences in their escalations; while other true dragons may be single-minded, the term best describes the ego dragons. It is extremely rare that two different types of ego dragon ever agree on anything, and when such events occur the dragons typically agree to disagree rather than reach an effective conclusion.

Adaptation: If the ego dragons, with their philosophical nature, seem a bit odd, they work just as easily if named after human traits and emotions such as Reason and Passion. Tying them to particular deities or divine forces also works, and completely changes how they appear.

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