Psychokinesis [Force – see text]
Level: Kineticist 3, psychic warrior 3
Display: Au
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Area: Close range burst centered on you
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Reflex half
Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 5

You send a massive psychokinetic shockwave into the ground around you, creating a powerful tremor that
damages all nearby. Creatures in the area in contact with the ground take 5d6 points of nonlethal damage and are
knocked prone. Subjects who make the saving throw take half damage and are not knocked prone. This power deals force damage to creatures underground in the area of effect, and has the Force descriptor against such targets.

Augment: For every additional power point you spend, the damage increases by one die (d6). For each extra two dice of damage, the save DC increases by 1.

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