Dorje Blade [Psionic]

You can use a dorje as a simple light weapon.

Prerequisite: Use Psionic Device 4 ranks

Benefit: You know to hold the length of the dorje within the palm so that a shardlike end extends from either side of your closed fist. As a result, you can use any dorje that has at least 1 remaining charge as a simple light weapon with the following weapon stats. Damage: 1d6, Critical: 19–20/×2, Range Increment: —, Type: Piercing.

Whenever you successfully confirm a critical on a foe in the course of regular combat, the dorje discharges, affecting your foe with the dorje’s effect. (Your foe attempts a saving throw against the dorje’s effect, as normal.)
If the dorje produces an area-based effect, the edge of the effect begins in the square containing your foe and extends away from you. (In this case, other creatures in the area could be affected.)
This uses up a charge of the dorje as normal.

Special: When making an attack, you can choose to expend a charge as a swift action to treat the dorje as a +1 weapon, expend three charges to treat it as a +2 weapon, or five charges for a +3 weapon.

A dorje without remaining charges cannot be used as a dorje blade.

Normal: Without the proper training, a dorje deals negli-
gible damage if used as a melee weapon.

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