Divine Channeling [Divine, Incantation]

Your deity has manifested itself as a pseudo-sphere to you, allowing you to channel your faith as you would cast your spells.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, ability to turn or rebuke undead.

Benefit: You may make a DC 20 channeling check to gain two immediate turn or rebuke undead attempts. You must use this attempt within one minute or the energy fades away. (This feat isn’t limited by the character’s maximum channeling DC, and is an exception to the general rule that incantation feats cannot exceed the character’s maximum DC.) If the channeling check succeeds, this channeling check is made as part of the first turn or rebuke undead attempt (if it is used in the round in which this feat was used); if it fails, this channeling check is a standard action. If you use these turn or rebuke undead attempts in a round after you used this feat, the channeling check is a standard action, regardless of whether the check was successful.

Special: You may not have more than two turn or rebuke undead attempts granted through this feat at any given time.

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