Difficulty Class: 7
Channeling Time: 1 standard
Range: 30 ft.
Area: 10-ft. radius spread
Duration: Aura

You close your eyes and take the area to mind, slowly darkening it in your thoughts. When you open your eyes, the area has become darkened in reality as well.

For as long as you concentrate on this incantation, the area radiates a shadowy illumination. All creatures in the area gain concealment (20% miss chance). Even creatures that can normally see in such conditions (such as with darkvision and low-light vision) have the miss chance in an area shrouded by this incantation. Normal lights (torches, candles, lanterns, and so forth) are incapable of brightening the area. Magical lights may brighten the area if the creature who created the effect makes on opposed check with you. It uses its caster level or manifester level (as appropriate), and you use your channeler level for this check.

Enhance: For every 3 points by which you increase the DC, the miss chance increases by 10% (up to a maximum of 50%).

For every 2 points by which you increase the DC, the area’s radius increases by 5 feet.

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