Moderate godmind
Worshippers: kineticists, pyrokineticists
Nodes: Energy, Force, Psionic
Alignment: CN
State of Consciousness: Active, entity
Favored Weapon: energy missile

When a deadly brushfire overwhelmed and destroyed the village of Urve, only one villager survived, the human child Davon. Discovering a latent affinity for fire, Davon traveled to a nearby school for manifesters and studied the art of the kineticist. The family of Davon later inherited a small portion of Davon’s natural talent, becoming the House of Mandreth (detailed above). After traveling and studying under the greatest of the kineticists, Davon began to study other ways of controlling fire, including learning the secrets of the pyrokineticist. Eventually, Davon changed his name to Cynfire and transformed to a being of living flame, taking up residence in the Elemental Plane of Fire.

After this transformation, Cynfire learned to control the other energy types for fear of their use against him. As his knowledge and ability grew, Cynfire transcended to the status of godmind, governing the portfolio of psychokinesis. Although Cynfire controls the entire discipline of psychokinesis, he favors those among his worshippers who utilize fire more than the other energies. He is still able to grant his followers access to all four energy types, including his opposite, cold, but is more likely to grant the prayers of those who wield fire in his name.

Indeed, Cynfire’s devotees often claim that you can hear his teachings and whispers in the crackle of a campfire or the snap of a burning torch. Some go so far as to walk on hot coals in attempts to gain the godmind’s favor, although actions such as these are not actively condoned by Cynfire, as they do not further the advancement of the psychokinetic arts.

Doctrine: Worshippers of Cynfire can be found in several different varieties, as Cynfire controls the four main energy types, as well as force energy. Any devotee of the godmind of psychokinesis is expected to not rely on mundane or physical means of offense, as these are seen as a weakness to the purity of energy. Taking part in using these means of attack bring the disfavor of Cynfire, and the participant loses any benefits granted by the godmind until the individual completes a penitence.

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