Crystalics are created from a steel frame and raw crystal which is then shaped and powered by their creator. Some of the most advanced models, those produced by amalgamists , even draw upon astral ectoplasm to function. their shape typically takes a form to resemble the effect granted: wings for flight, claws for slashing attacks, and so on.

Once a crystalic has been applied to its wearer, the crystalic can only be removed by someone who has the Craft Crystalic feat or through the use of the restore extremity power (although an augmented cathartic apportation power can also work). Otherwise, a crystalic is forever joined to its wearer. Because crystalics are physically attached to their bearer, instead of just worn, they sometimes impose penalties on the owner due to the change in physiology, but typically do not take up a body slot. Such bonding leads to unusual interaction with (shapechanging) powers: only the form to which the crystalic is grafted can bear it (that is, unless otherwise noted, a crystalic is always absorbed into your new form should you change shape). Applying and removing crystalics take 4 hours per crystalic, except through the use of psionic powers (which can only remove a crystalic).

A creature may not have more than five crystalics at any time, or more than one crystalic per body part. For example, you could have adamantine fists and eagle’s eyes, but not adamantine fists and rending claws, as both
are grafted to the hands.

Physical Description: Varies.
Activation: Usually use activated or command thought, but details vary from item to item.

  1. Adamantine Fists
  2. Crystalline Wings
  3. Eagle’s Eyes
  4. Lumidermis
  5. Plated Torso
  6. Quickening Bands
  7. Rending Claws
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