Crystal Elixir

Crystal Elixer:

A single power stone sits inside this crystalline bottle, faintly glowing with an internal psionic power. When pure water is poured into the bottle and allowed to sit undisturbed for 8 hours, the water becomes imbued with the power imprinted in the power stone. The power stone inside the bottle determines the effect of the imbued water. When the water is imbibed, the drinker immediate gains the effect as if the power from the power stone was manifested upon him.

The power stone is not flushed through this process. Only power stones charged with personal or touch range powers can be used in a crystal elixir. The manifester level of the power is equal to the manifester level of the power in the power stone.

Moderate metacreativity; ML 9th; Craft Universal Item, fabricate, psionic; Price 8,000 gp, weight 2 lb.

Crystal Elixir, Greater:

This bottle functions as a standard crystal elixir, but it can hold up to three power stones, or a single power stone with up to three powers, to create elixirs with multiple effects. Any combination of one to three powers encoded in power stones may be placed within the flask, although power stones that have opposing effects neutralize each other. If more than four powers worth of power stones are put into the crystal elixir, the crystal elixir picks a random combination of the powers to choose the three effects to imbue in the water.

Strong metacreativity; ML 12th; Craft Universal Item, fabricate, psionic; Price 24,000 gp, weight 2 lb.

Precognitive Crystal Elixir:

This greater crystal elixir contains power stones imbued with precognition, defensive, precognition, offensive, and prescience, offensive at manifester level 1.

Strong metacreativity; ML 12th; Imprint Stone, Craft Universal Item, precognition, defensive, fabricate, psionic, precognition, offensive, prescience, offensive; Price 24,075 gp, weight 2 lb.

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