Creation Node

Granted Power: Any powers you manifest from the Creation subdiscipline are manifested at +1 manifester level.

  1. Ectoplasmic Servant: Summon a construct to aid you in mundane duties.
  2. FocalA: You gain special abilities with your metacreativity powers.
    Astral ConstructA: Creates astral construct to fight for you.
  3. Dismiss Ectoplasm: Dissipates ectoplasmic targets and effects.
  4. Wall of Ectoplasm: You create a protective barrier.
  5. Major Creation, Psionic: As minor creation, psionic plus stone and metal.
  6. Hail of CrystalsA: A crystal explodes in an area, dealing 9d4 slashing damage.
  7. Fabricate, Greater Psionic: Transforms a lot of raw goods to finished items.
  8. Astral Seed: You plant the seed of your rebirth from the Astral Plane.
  9. True CreationX: As major creation, psionic except items are completely real.
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