Control Light Incantation

Astrology [Light]
Difficulty Class: 3
Channeling Time: 1 standard action
Range: 60 ft.
Target: One source of light
Duration: Aura
Saving Throw: None

You focus on the light, and imagine the heavenly bodies to control its light; a thought of a star makes the light dim, while a thought of the sun makes it brighter than it could shine on its own.

You can control the illumination of a source of light. You can increase or decrease its bright and shadowy illumination by 10 feet each for every point of channeling ability modifier you have. You can only control mundane lights with this incantation.

Enhance: For every point by which you increase the DC, you may control an additional source of light.

If you increase the DC by 4, you can affect magical lights with this incantation if you make an opposed check with the creature that made the effect. It uses its caster level or manifester level, and you use your channeler level.

If the light is an innate quality of the creature, you may not attempt to control its light.

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