Quick Primer to Channeling Magic

The Tome of Channeling describes a system of special “spells” known as incantations. Here are some of the salient terms and facts you will need to be familiar with as you peruse this section.

Channeler: A character with one or more levels in the nexus character class is known as a channeler.

Incantation: An incantation is a specific, one-shot effect that a channeler channels. In this way, an incantation is functionally similar to a spell. However, a channeler doesn’t use up or expend spells during the course of a day of adventuring the way a spellcaster does. He can channel his incantations any time he wants to. When a channeler channels an incantation, he must make a channeling check in order to successfully channel the incantation. The Difficulty Class of this check depends on the incantation in question.

Aura: Some incantations are known as auras. These incantations are identical to normal incantations, with the exception that their duration is indefinite. However, a channeler must expend a swift action during each round to maintain the incantation, or else the incantation fails as if he had failed the channeling check.

Sphere: A sphere is a collection of incantations that share a common origin. Three spheres are described in this book, although there may be more or less in your campaign. Each sphere consists of thirty to forty incantations. The three spheres described in this book are the elements, the mind and nature. Most channelers don’t have access to each sphere.

Incantations Known: The collection of incantations that a channeler has learned. You can think of this as the channeler’s spellbook or spell list. A channeler’s class and level determine the number and Difficulty Class of incantations he knows.

Channel: A channeler uses an incantation by channeling it. So instead of casting a spell or manifesting a power, a channeler channels an incantation.

Channeler Level: Some incantations have effects that vary with the level of the channeler using them. In addition, the highest Difficulty Class of an incantation that a channeler can channel is partially dependent of his channeler level. Channeler level is functionally equivalent to caster level or manifester level—it’s simply the relevant class level of the channeler who channels the incantation.

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