Channeling Feats

Like all characters, channelers of magic rely on feats to improve their incantations, expand their abilities, and unlock hidden potential. However, not only channelers can expand their abilities and unlock hidden potentials; those who already wield the magic of a sphere in other ways can learn how to channel incantations of their sphere without actually learning incantations. Following are descriptions of dozens of channeling-related feats.

The following section introduces two new types of feats. Incantation feats grant characters and creatures, even those who normally can’t channel incantations, the ability to channel new incantations. Metachanneling feats let channelers improve their incantations in ways other than their individual enhancements or improve the way in which they channel their incantations. Both feat types are described in greater detail below.

Incantation Feats

Incantation feats grant characters and creatures with at least some link to magic. Sometimes, the character or creature needs to have a bond to a specific kind of magic, because the incantation feat is related to a sphere.

Because incantation feats are supernatural abilities—a departure from the general rule that feats do not grant supernatural abilities—they are treated just like incantations for most purposes, except those noted here. Supernatural abilities are not subject to spell or incantation resistance and cannot be dispelled; however, they do not function in areas where magic or psionics are suppressed, such as a null psionics field. (Because the link to magic or a specific sphere is based in both the latent magic of a character or creature and the mind, effects that nullify magic or psionics render incantation feats equally useless.) Leaving such areas immediately allows incantation feats to be used.

Many incantation feats require you to make a channeling check. Unless noted otherwise, you add only your Wisdom or Charisma modifier (chosen when you take your first incantation feat; it cannot be changed thereafter). Anything that affects a channeling check also affects a character or creature who uses an incantation feat.

Metachanneling Feats

As a channeler’s knowledge of and bond to his sphere grow, he learns how to channel incantations in slightly different ways than they can normally be channeled and enhanced. For example, a channeler may be able to channel an incantation that affects a larger area than normal, or is improved in some other way. Of course, using a metachanneling feat increases the difficulty of channeling the enhanced incantation.

Channeling Time: Incantations channeled using metachanneling feats take the same time as channeling the incantations normally unless the metachanneling feat specifically says otherwise, such as the Rapid Incantation feat.

Difficulty Class: To use a metachanneling feat, a channeler must increase the DC of an incantation by a certain amount, depending on the metachanneling feat used, as given in the feat description.

Limits on Use: As with all incantations, you cannot enhance an incantation so that its DC becomes higher than your maximum DC. Metachanneling feats merely let you enhance incantations in ways other than those described in the incantation’s description.

Effect of Metachanneling Feats on an Incantation: In all ways, a metachanneling incantation operates at its enhanced DC. The modifications made by a metachanneling feat apply to everything that is resolved when channeling an incantation. A channeler can’t use a metachanneling feat to alter an incantation that he doesn’t channel on his own, such as those granted by a magic item. Some metachanneling feats apply only to incantations that fulfill a certain requirement, as described in each specific feat entry.


These feat descriptions follow the standard format.

General Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Channeling Prodigy Channeling ability score 13 Treat channeling ability score as 2 higher for determining channeling modifier and maximum incantations per minute
Concentrated Recovery Make DC 15 Concentration check to recover channeling
Enhanced Channeling Channel incantations with DCs of 2 higher
Improved Channeling Gain a +2 bonus on channeling checks
Improved Sphere Defense Sphere defense class feature, nexus level 15th Improve sphere defense class feature
Improved Sphere Resistance Sphere resistance class feature Improve sphere resistance class feature
Incantation Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Arcane Bolt Knowledge (arcana) 4 ranks, ability to cast 1st-level spells Channel arcane bolt that deals 1d6 damage
Arcane Ward Knowledge (arcana) 4 ranks, ability to cast 1st-level spells Channel arcane ward that grants armor bonus
Channeled Focus Concentration 4 ranks, Knowledge (psionics) 4 ranks Make DC 20 channeling check to prevent losing psionic focus
Channeled Wild Shape Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks, wild shape class feature Make DC 20 channeling check to assume wild shape
Channeling Affinity Wisdom or Charisma 13 Gain the use of one incantation
Divine Channeling Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks, ability to turn or rebuke undead Make DC 20 channeling check to turn or rebuke undead
Psionic Channeling Knowledge (psionics) 4 ranks, Overchannel Make channeling check to negate Overchannel damage
Wild Empathic Channeling Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks, wild empathy class feature Make channeling check to gain bonus to wild empathy
Item Creation Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Charge Essence Shard Channeler level 1st Create essence shards
Metachanneling Feats Prerequisites Benefit
Chain Incantation Choose additional targets with incantation
Delay Enhancement Enhance incantation at a later time
Empower Incantation Increase incantation’s variable, number effects by 50%
Extend Incantation Double incantation’s duration
Maximize Incantation Maximize incantation’s variable, number effects
Opportunity Incantation Make attacks of opportunity with incantations
Rapid Incantation Channel incantations as move or swift action
Surging Incantation Channeler level 10th Channel incantations that exceed maximum DC
Twin Incantation Channel power twice
Widen Incantation Double incantation’s area
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