Channeled Focus [Incantation, Psionic]

You can channel a link to the collective unconscious of the mind sphere, and use it to keep your psionic focus when you would lose or expend it.

Prerequisites: Concentration 4 ranks, Knowledge (psionics) 4 ranks.

Benefit: Whenever you would lose or expend your psionic focus (such as when you use a psionic feat that requires you to expend your psionic focus), you may instead make a DC 20 channeling check to keep your psionic focus. (This feat isn’t limited by the character’s maximum channeling DC, and is an exception to the general rule that incantation feats cannot exceed the character’s maximum DC.) Using this feat doesn’t take an action, it is made as a reaction to a condition that would make you lose your psionic focus. You may use this feat once per round.

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