Over time, many practitioners of the psionic arts have learned to develop new devices to expand their abilities, such as these bracers listed below.

Bracers of Inertia, Defensive:

These protective devices were initially created for beginning psions to ensure their safety. By channeling a single power point into the bracer, the wearer is protected as if under the effect of the inertial armor power (ML 5).

Moderate psychokinesis; ML 5th; Craft Universal Item, inertial armor; Price 8,000 gp, weight 1 lb

Bracers of Inertia, Offensive:

A modified version of the defensive bracers of inertia, this pair of crystal-inlaid bands allows the wielder to strike at his foes using charged psionic energy. By channeling power points into the bracers, the wearer may target an enemy up to 45 ft. away with a psychokinetic effect, dealing 1d4 points of force damage per power point channeled into the bracers (to a maximum of 5d4). The target takes half damage on a successful Reflex save, DC 13 + 1 for each 2 power points invested.

Moderate psychokinesis; ML 9th; Craft Universal Item, concussion blast; Price 16,000 gp, weight 1 lb

Bracers of Inertia, Superior:

A combination of the offensive and defensive versions of the bracers of inertia, this pair of metallic bands grants the wielder the effects of both versions of bracers of inertia.

Strong psychokinesis; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item, concussion blast, inertial armor; Price 32,000 gp, weight 1 lb

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