Blade of the Champion [Mantra, Mind Blade, Psionic]

Your mind blade resonates while you maintain psionic focus, enhancing your psionic strike.

Prerequisites: Psychic Strike +2d8 and ability to manifest a mind blade -OR- Resonant Blade (x2)and Form Mind Blade.

Benefit: To activate Blade of the CHampion, you must meditate to gain psionic focus. Once activated, this mantra lasts for 1 minute, as long as you maintain psionic focus. While active, when you make an attack utilizing your psychic strike ability or your resonant blade ability, instead of being fully discharged, the psyhic strike/resonant blade remains charged, but reduced by one die. You may expend your psionic focus as a swift action to recharge your psychic strike/resonant blade to full power (though you may still charge your blade normally during the mantra).

For example, Darius is a 6th level soulknife. He charges his mind blade with psychic strike/resonant blade, and then meditates to gain psionic focus and activate Blade of the Champion. On his next attack, he deals 2d8 additional points of damage from psychic strike, but because Blade of the Champion is active, his mind blade still has 1d8 damage charged and can deal this damage on his next attack. At any time, Darius may choose to expend his focus as a swift action and instantly recharge his psychic strike/resonant blade back to 2d8 points of damage.

Normal: After making an attack, your psychic strike/resonant blade is discharged and you must take a move action to recharge your mind blade.

Special: If you have converted your psychic strike into ability damage through Knife to the Soul, the ability damage discharges immediately rather than lingering.

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