Telepathy [Mind-Affecting]
Level: Society Mind 3, Telepath 3, Worldthought Medic 3
Display: Me
Manifesting Time: 1 standard action
Range: 30 feet (see text)
Target: 1 willing creature/level
Duration: 1 round/level
Power Points: 5

You link the minds of your allies, dramatically improving their coordination. When you manifest this power, a type of heads-up display appears in each target’s mind, improving their coordination and group awareness. Each affected target can use the Aid Another action as an immediate action.

Additionally, all targets that are also willing members of your worldthought network (if any) gain one special ability of your choice from this list. Your choice affects all members equally.

  • +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls
  • +1 circumstance bonus to AC
  • +2 circumstance bonus to weapon damage
  • +5 circumstance bonus to speed

Augment: You may augment this power in one or both of the following ways.

1. If you spend 2 additional power points, you can choose a second special ability from the worldthought network
bonus list. You may choose the same benefit again; if you do, it stacks with itself.

2. If you spend 2 additonal power points, you can use this power as if you had the worldthought network
class feature, treating creatures you have established a mental link with as members. See the Power by Proxy
feat for examples of mental links (mindlink is more than sufficient). Creatures that would not consider you an ally if not for the link do not count as willing members.

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