Moderate godmind
Worshippers: duergar, egoists, maenads, psychic warriors
Nodes: Battle, Body, Healing, Morphic
Alignment: N
State of Consciousness: Active, entity
Favored Weapon: Unarmed attacks

Aur’eskin (ôr’ eskin) was born a maenad and took up the path of the egoist early in his life. Showing a very strong in-born power for the discipline of psychometabolism, Aur’eskin quickly grew in strength, defeating enemy after enemy in battle. While Aur’eskin was not blood-thirsty or vicious, he viewed combat as a means to both increase his skill in combat and demonstrate the superiority of the techniques he had mastered. While Aur’eskin was not perfect, his defeats were infrequent and often led him to radical shifts in tactics, learning much from the opponents who bested him. After several decades of honing his skills and expanding his talents, Aur’eskin embarked upon the path that eventually led to his evolving into a godmind. The most physical of the godminds, Aur’eskin is the most likely to be found in physical form, holding to that facet of his mortal life.

Taking up the portfolio of psychometabolism, Aur’eskin is typically revered by egoists who strive to reach the level of perfection achieved by the once maenad. While Aur’eskin prefers his worshippers to live and continue to grant him power, he openly views death in battle as a very worthy sacrifice, so long as the defeated fought well. Those instances where Aur’eskin chooses to return to his physical incarnation, he will often do so by fissioning out of the body of an adherant he views as worthy. This is typically an egoist or psychic warrior who exemplifies the use of psychometabolism to augment the physical form.

When in physical form, Aur’eskin appears much as in life: a male maenad whose body is covered in psionic tattoos and augmented with crystalics and psionically enhanced jewelry and piercings.

Doctrine: Worshippers of Aur’eskin are expected to participate in activities that enhance the body, such as physical exercise or contests of strength or speed. Augmentations to the body, such as crystalics or tattoos, are also accepted in the doctrine of Aur’eskin, so long as the item improves the wearer’s physical form. Any worshipper of Aur’eskin who partake in activities that are unhealthy to the body lose any benefits associated with worship, such as access to domains or psionic nodes until they make amends, such as through atoning. These types of behavior include imbibing in alcohol, which dulls the wits and can impair the senses, or smoking of substances that can degrade breathing.

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