Astral Assassin [Psionic]

Your astral constructs are skilled at preventing opponents from manifesting on the defensive.

Prerequisite: Ability to manifest astral construct, manifester level 3

Benefit: Opponents standing within the attack range of an astral construct that you create always provoke attacks of opportunity from the astral construct when manifesting even if they manifest on the defensive. Opponents may still opt to manifest on the defensive to avoid attacks of opportunities from other threats, but even in such cases the astral construct still gets an attack of opportunity. This feat does not grant any additional attacks of opportunity to your astral construct, nor does it grant attacks of opportunity against a manifester who is manifesting a quickened power.

If you are able to manifest more than one astral construct at a given time, only one astral construct benefits from this feat at a time. Once per round as a free action on your turn, you can shift your focus to any astral construct you have created. This astral construct is the one that benefits from this feat until you choose to shift your focus again.

In addition, you also receive a warning because of your mental connection to your astral construct. You receive a +1 insight bonus to any Reflex save from powers manifested by opponents who are within attack range of the astral construct that benefits from this feat.

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