Assassin Training [General]

You have learned the deadly art of poison delivery, and can guage, roughly, how effective such an attack will be.

Prerequisites: Nongood alignment, Sneak Attack +4d6 or the Signature Style class feature or 3rd Favored Enemy.

Benefit: You never poison yourself when applying poison to a weapon. You may also attempt to read, roughly a target's Fortitude save against poison by spending a full-round action in observation within 30 ft. of your target. Every 5 ranks you have in a single Knowledge skill relevant to your target (for instance, Knowledge (dungeonerring) against aberrations) adds 30 ft. to this range. The possible results are on the following table.

Target's Fortitude save bonus against poison Your Reading
+3 or less Weak
+4 to +9 Healthy
+10 to +15 Moderately strong
+16 to +21 Strong
+22 or higher Practically immune
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